Artist Competitions

We are committed to bringing you an event where you can showcase your top skills for a panel of industry judges. Artists/groups will be judged on various elements such as style, flow, Emcee-Comp-10-Instagram-053015
stage presence, crowd hype, crowd interaction, and originality of music, etc…These judges have worked exclusively in the hip hop scene, and the music industry for an impressive amount of years. So if you have what it takes, and reside in the Vancouver or BC area, then ‘Where It’s At Entertainment,’ wants to bring you to the ‘NEXT LEVEL.’

Our goal is to create and provide unique opportunities for artists of all ages and abilities; we work hard to ensure that these artists receive the recognition that they deserve. At “Where It’s At Entertainment,” we pride ourselves on staying ahead of the game; and we always bring you the best in entertainment from within the HIP HOP COMMUNITY.